Dec 1, 2015

Nov 8, 2015

Sep 3, 2015

Let your dreams go out the window, so they can fly high ~P.O

Aug 21, 2015

The wind is like the time, a leaf is like the life ~P.O

Aug 6, 2015

If you appreciate what you have, you will have always blessings ~P.O

Jun 13, 2015

True love is just the meeting of two kindred spirits ~P.O

May 17, 2015

If you delete all the sad pages of your life, 
then you will see a great story.~P.O

May 6, 2015

Always watch where you are standing ~P.O

Sometimes people cross your path, other times you crosses there paths
and many thousand times the cruising destination in the same path ~P.O

Mar 4, 2015

The Immense sea as life and the different days like sea waves ~P.O

Must be released to be able to fly ~P.O

Jan 30, 2015

A lie is your friend, until it betrays you ~P.O

Jan 16, 2015

If you think you will be happy one day,
you already are by thinking of it ~P.O

Behind every reality, there was once a dream. 
Behind that dream, there you were. ~P.O

The best competition is with ourselves ~P.O

Faith is not a state, it is an attitude ~P.O

It always takes more effort to climb up than going down ~P.O

The best landscape of all is life ~P.O

One should learn to be like children, 
if they fall they get up and waste no time in licking their wounds ~P.O