Dec 2, 2013

If you wait maybe nothing you will have, if you search everything you will find.  ~P.O

Oct 30, 2013

If you hurt, ask forgiveness, If you circumvent  to others; ask forgiveness, if you wanted evil to others; ask forgiveness, if you have done wrong; ask forgiveness  and then you will be worthy of an  life with rewards ~P.O

Jul 21, 2013

Love is freedom, like a bird in your hand open, with wings, 
and the option to leave, but is there that is happy ~P.O

The dreams do not have walls, distances or impossible ~P.O

Jul 8, 2013

When is much happiness, it seems that you can touch with your hands~P.O

Apr 21, 2013

Every second, every minute, every hour, every day,  people die, 
your heart is beating, listen to it!~P.O

Apr 12, 2013

Your desires with great faith, can not last a lifetime, because soon become a reality~P.O