Jul 24, 2010

We are stars of world,for after to be the universe.
©Palmira Ortiz - México

Jul 16, 2010

In love all people have the same opportunities, and ability to know how to choose.

©Palmira Ortiz - México

True happiness is not a question of luck, it means working every day to achieve and maintain happiness. ©Palmira Ortiz - México

Jul 4, 2010

The writer's voice is free and immortal,no one can close.
©Palmira Ortiz – México

Today is the most important day of your life, the past does not exist, the future is uncertain, now being aware of your life, tomorrow ... you do not know.
©Palmira Ortiz - México

Many things have been done in life, believing in the impossible.
©Palmira Ortiz - México

When you are successful you will find many reviews, not cease,not desist,your work is for those who love you,keep going always and strong. ©Palmira Ortiz - México

Never allow a breath turn off the flame of your faith,transmits your ligh! ©Palmira Ortiz - México

Jul 3, 2010

When all the souls of the poets are joined,they are like a white dove taking a message of peace around the world, that is the mission of the writer, to make a world better. ©Palmira Ortiz - México

When you do things with love,the cold never come into his heart.
©Palmira Ortiz - México

Art does not distinguish by race or social class,art is like love; universal.
©Palmira Ortiz - México

An inspired writer
is able to go as
far as wanted and
in the reality also.
©Palmira Ortiz - México.

What you leave in this life is important and by what which you will be remembered.
©Palmira Ortiz - México

When looking at a star do
not trust as distant that is
or as it is immense,
no matter the size;
be guided by your light
and the happiness it gives you.

©Palmira Ortiz – México

Make art, and your voice spiritual, remains forever.
©Palmira Ortiz - México

We writers are fish in the sea of letters.
©Palmira Ortiz - México

The body is the cabinet of your spirit, sometimes we choose not to use it, evil is the empty of kindness and love.
©Palmira Ortiz - México

The best friend of your life is in front of your mirror.
©Palmira Ortiz - México

The progress will need the effort, the effort required will, the will requires the decision ,the decision requires change, the change required to improve; improve is advance. ©Palmira Ortiz - México

There will always be people praise you with and people wanting to see you crucified, this is normal, that´s life, with many colors and life is wonderful.
©Palmira Ortiz - México

I believe and then I see.
©Palmira Ortiz - méxico

The beauty, more importantly in the life,is peace in your soul.
©Palmira Ortiz - México

Work against in the wind to defend your ideals ;they lead it to the success. ©Palmira Ortiz- México

Give love, is enrich your heart. © Palmira Ortiz - México

When you feel alone, remember you!
©Palmira Ortiz – México

Guard your faith as much as the candlelight, your light is your salvation.
©Palmira Ortiz - México.

I can not change the world, but if I can change, one person, that person will be more positive, that person have a smile more each day, and that person will always try to be happy ... then I can say that the world has changed... © Palmira Ortiz

Never be afraid to dream, maybe you think your dream is impossible, you must have faith, perhaps you wake up and know that your dream is a reality. © Palmira Ortiz

When love is as strong as the faith, ago your wishes come true. ©Palmira Ortiz

There are not distances to touch the heart, there are not distances to make people is happy, because we are souls and souls are always together. ©Palmira Ortiz

Aggression is not the correct key to open communication. ©Palmira Ortiz

After falling, comes a surprise. © Palmira Ortiz

The best things in life are universal.
©Palmira Ortiz

A hug never tired,a hug never cost you, a hug saves lives, a hug produces love as a response.
© Palmira Ortiz