Jul 3, 2010

When all the souls of the poets are joined,they are like a white dove taking a message of peace around the world, that is the mission of the writer, to make a world better. ©Palmira Ortiz - México

When you do things with love,the cold never come into his heart.
©Palmira Ortiz - México

Art does not distinguish by race or social class,art is like love; universal.
©Palmira Ortiz - México

An inspired writer
is able to go as
far as wanted and
in the reality also.
©Palmira Ortiz - México.

What you leave in this life is important and by what which you will be remembered.
©Palmira Ortiz - México

When looking at a star do
not trust as distant that is
or as it is immense,
no matter the size;
be guided by your light
and the happiness it gives you.

©Palmira Ortiz – México

Make art, and your voice spiritual, remains forever.
©Palmira Ortiz - México

We writers are fish in the sea of letters.
©Palmira Ortiz - México

The body is the cabinet of your spirit, sometimes we choose not to use it, evil is the empty of kindness and love.
©Palmira Ortiz - México

The best friend of your life is in front of your mirror.
©Palmira Ortiz - México

The progress will need the effort, the effort required will, the will requires the decision ,the decision requires change, the change required to improve; improve is advance. ©Palmira Ortiz - México

There will always be people praise you with and people wanting to see you crucified, this is normal, that´s life, with many colors and life is wonderful.
©Palmira Ortiz - México

I believe and then I see.
©Palmira Ortiz - méxico

The beauty, more importantly in the life,is peace in your soul.
©Palmira Ortiz - México

Work against in the wind to defend your ideals ;they lead it to the success. ©Palmira Ortiz- México

Give love, is enrich your heart. © Palmira Ortiz - México

When you feel alone, remember you!
©Palmira Ortiz – México

Guard your faith as much as the candlelight, your light is your salvation.
©Palmira Ortiz - México.

I can not change the world, but if I can change, one person, that person will be more positive, that person have a smile more each day, and that person will always try to be happy ... then I can say that the world has changed... © Palmira Ortiz

Never be afraid to dream, maybe you think your dream is impossible, you must have faith, perhaps you wake up and know that your dream is a reality. © Palmira Ortiz

When love is as strong as the faith, ago your wishes come true. ©Palmira Ortiz

There are not distances to touch the heart, there are not distances to make people is happy, because we are souls and souls are always together. ©Palmira Ortiz

Aggression is not the correct key to open communication. ©Palmira Ortiz

After falling, comes a surprise. © Palmira Ortiz

The best things in life are universal.
©Palmira Ortiz

A hug never tired,a hug never cost you, a hug saves lives, a hug produces love as a response.
© Palmira Ortiz